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In the MBA program, students were tasked with creating a business plan for a new startup. This assignment provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools to be a better business manager and entrepreneur. During this project, I had to apply business statistical models to conduct a market analysis. I conducted a financial analysis to assess the feasibility of the business opportunity, demonstrated the knowledge of foundational business processes and techniques, and applied critical thinking and analytical tools to business problems. After completion of the assignment before graduating, we had to present our plans in front of business professors, the Dean and successful business owners within the community. Out of all my projects, this was by far the most critical and beneficial.   

Service Leadership

The Service Leadership Project is a required course taken by undergraduate business administration majors. In this course, students form to serve non-profit organizations by applying business concepts and skills to mutually agreed-upon projects. In addition to the consulting experience, the students explored Robert Greenleaf's concept of Servant Leadership. The course is designed with the intention that the students will have an opportunity to apply the servant leadership theory in their working relationships with their teammates and as a consultant to a non-profit organization. My consulting team was comprised of three others and we were tasked with increasing the volunteer base of New Earth, our non-profit client.  We did this by targeting the retention, motivation and recruitment of volunteers. Overall, it was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and it helped hone my skills as a business professional. 

Non-Profit Website:

* I will not be providing a deliverable of my project due to extenuating circumstances. I am, however, available to answer any questions you may have. I can also supply specific analyses upon request.  

Senior Project

The final required class as an undergraduate Business Administration student at Pepperdine University is Business Policy and Strategy. The course integrates the entirety of a student’s academic experience and puts their skills to the test. Students form groups of three to four and collaborate to develop and deliver a startup business plan and pitch presentation. The project mandates a thorough market analysis, VRIO, SWOT, pro forma, financial statements, competitive map and research of the product to be sold. Students utilize all prior classes to deliver a high-quality paper. Papers range anywhere from 120-180 pages.  My team was comprised of three others, and the proposed business we came up with was a shop that sold spices from all around the world, all while highlighting a local spice grower each month. This class was challenging and is considered the most difficult in the Business division. Although challenging, it was rewarding to apply everything I’d learned in my undergraduate career to one project. It tested the depth of my abilities in every facet of business, i.e. value proposition, customer acquisition, marketing, research, accounting, strategy, operations, etc. Successfully completing this course was the perfect exit to a truly formative undergraduate experience.


Software Transfer

During my time at Community Youth Ministries, I held the title of Director encompassing many responsibilties that influenced the day to day life of the organization. I was heavily involved in business processes, finance and a program called Riverkids. In my assessment of the accounting processes, I proposed to the CEO that it was inefficient and inadequate for long-term growth. At the time, CYM had one accountant managing financial reports, paying 180 staff semi-monthly, aiding in maintaining budgets of programs, and a lot more. In addition, we were quickly outgrowing the financial software we were using. However, there weren't enough funds to hire a second full-time accountant. In analyzing the situation, I proposed the idea of outsourcing the payroll processes. At a fraction of the cost of hiring an individual full time and with the ability to provide more time for the current accountant to produce clearer and more consistent reports for the CEO and board, it was the best solution. Once the plan was approved, I researched and aided in the integration of the new financial process. 

RiverKids Event 

During my time at Community Youth Ministries, in addition to my marketing duties, I directed a program called RiverKids. When I entered this role, the program was in place at a total of four schools. My vision upon entering the position was to increase the number of students participating by at least 100 and host a joint event inclusive of all school sites. Working diligently with staff, principles, the district and the CEO, I was able to expand the program from four to six schools and from 250 students to 350 by year’s end. I was also successful in creating the first-ever joint event that combined four of the six sites to celebrate the program. Through this process, I learned to be a better manager, presenter and leader, all while making a positive impact on the lives of students.



Outside of work, I put to use my creative side and business understanding to produce websites for small to medium sized businesses. I begin by speaking with the client to gain a deeper understanding of what they desire from their new website. I then dissect any pain points that may be caused by poor web design or bad SEO. I provide my solutions and create a website that gives businesses the edge to compete in today's digital world. I take great pride in creating a website that meets the client's needs and provides maximum impact. From concept to creation to hosting, I ensure that the process is effortless and efficient. 

I am currently working with two clients and will post their live website once completed.

Websites I have created and designed (Click Below):

Websites I have help design:


Spark Tank

Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in Fresno hosted their 5th annual Spark Tank Pitch Fest, an event in which individuals or teams submit their social business proposals in the hopes of securing a spot to pitch for startup funding at Bitwise Industries in Fresno. The proposals were graded on feasibility, strategy, and most importantly, social impact. I adapted the business plan that I was creating for my MBA program to meet CCT requirements and submitted it. After making it through the initial selection process, I was then chosen along with four other finalists to pitch in front of a panel of judges and the public. The night of the pitch was exciting and fueled by great ideas from brilliant entrepreneurs. Amongst the five pitches that night, I received the highest judges’ award and took home the crowd favorite for my business plan and pitch. My winnings included $6,250 in startup funding, a business mentor and a full ride scholarship to the Entrepreneurship Academy, hosted by CCT. 

* I will not be providing a deliverable of this project due to extenuating circumstances. I am, however, available to answer any questions you may have. I can also supply specific analyses upon request.

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