La Montana Costa Rica

I had the privilege of traveling with a team to Costa Rica, to serve low-income high school students. My team and I aided in launching a 1-week summer camp for more than 200 students. During that time, we assisted in food prep, cleaning, building, painting, and most importantly, loving students at the camp. It was an experience I will never forget.

Union Rescue Mission 

During my time at Pepperdine University, I was the service intern. My responsibility was to create opportunities in which the student body could participate in serving others. The Union Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter located in Los Angeles, CA. I, along with a colleague, lead a team of students to serve the homeless. We participated in cleaning facilities, cooking and serving food. It was a humbling experience for everyone involved.

Boys and Girls Club, LA

I, along with a colleague, lead several service initiatives at Boys and Girls Club, LA. We visited multiple times during our busy schedules as students. Here we were able to establish relationships with the kids through playing, coloring or talking about their day. I find it ironic that those who volunteer their time to help others are usually the ones who feel most rewarded by the experience. In this instance, working with the kids gave me a new sense of fulfillment. 

Adulam Orphanage 

While studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between travels and classes, I made time to visit Adulam Orphanage. During my time at Adulam, I, along with some of my peers, had the privilege of serving the children residing at the orphanage. Pictured is a boy named Dylan with whom I immediately bonded through a shared love of soccer. It was an amazing experience, one in which I gained a new friend and a newfound respect for the hardships some children have to endure. 


Abraham Lincoln once said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Many of us have interests or hobbies that allow us to "sharpen" the axe in order to be more effective in everyday life. I find that my interests and activities I enjoy doing, as well as the people I love spending time with, provide me with much-needed sharpening to tackle the day ahead.  

(No particular order; Hover over an interest to find out more about it)  

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